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Joi Towner


Master's degree, School of Trauma 
September 1982- Present

From the beginning of life, everyone is born with some type of trauma. Whether it was passed down from generation to generation or life threw you what you didn't know you could handle; it hurts and leaves a lasting impression on the spirit that you can either let fuel you or duel you; that's the school you're from.

Communication of the Arts, Pueblo Community College
August 2021- July 2023

Learning the art of being a better human being through broaden the knowledge of life through communication. Studying such classes as interpersonal communication, intercultural communication theatre, math, journalism, and English. 

The National Society of Leadership and Success, Pueblo Community College
March 2022- Present

Fighting through the obstacles of life the best way possible and the society recognized the warrior inside. Induction to the society was the second half of believing in the strength that strength in you offers



Strength: Stroke survivor, sexual assault survivor, experiencer of death
Since the beginning: 

We've experienced trauma on levels that we've only read about and the only thing that matters is if we choose not to let it define us or give in to the "woe is me" of life. Always remember, when down there is nowhere to go but up and only thing that can enter your life is what you allow.

Courage: Stroke Survivor
December 2017- Present

My experience as a stroke survivor has been a roller coaster ride. I have had good and bad days. I have experienced low self-esteem lack of determination, and self -pity. Having to start all over walking, talking and eating made a big impact on my life... I no longer take life for granted. I AM GRATEFUL AND HIMBLE. I can't stop and I won't stop.! during my recovery I consider myself a leader! Someone who i not a quitter but a survivor. My motto is to find the courage to see the beauty in your everyday struggles. I choose to embrace the new me! I choose to live!!

Wisdom: Stroke Survivor
January 2023 - June 2025

I've lived a life of negative actions and thoughts. Don't get me wrong, I have always been a positive minded person. My father always told me that we don't make mistakes, we make choices. We don't always make the right one. Granted there are life situations that are out of our control. We choose how to handle certain situations in life. Take this stroke we survived for example.; When it happened, I went thought the same thought I'm assuming most went through... Why me? or what did I do to deserve this? But the fact is life can be cruel and unfair, how we meet those hurdles show us others our character to others and ourselves. I guess I say all this we choose how we perceive and take information, I came from struggle, so I appreciate things a bit more. I have been through the storm and bask in the warmth of the sun. Life and my faith have provided me with a second chance at life. How many people can say that? I am going to keep living my life, life I did before and take his opportunity to make the most of it. 

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