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Our Clients Say


"You have brought me out of some dark places!"


"You are a great inspirational woman! God blessed me being able to watch you every day!!!!!"


"Always love that beautiful smile!!!"

Katrina Price

"When I think about SNU, I think about community, motivation, inspiration, support, and family! SNU has helped me and is continuing to help me in stepping out of my comfort zone. SNU has taught me to not let my trauma take over my identity but instead use it to see a better version of myself! “I am not what happened to me”, is one of the many quotes that is pushed in SNU. I am not a stroke, but through my stroke I found SNU! I have learned to leave the old me in the past and embrace the new me. To be able to meet up with friends that will cry and laugh with you, strangers that have become family will show up to support you and cheer you on is empowerment! Let not forget to thank the founder of SNU Cynthia Joi Towner! This lady is a phenomenal woman! I thank you for providing a safe judgement free environment that aids in the healing of the aftermath of trauma. Another thing if you have never attended Stroke Camp, you miss out on being free! A weekend of fun, laughter, and just dropping the load off of your shoulders. People are there to help you without you having to ask. I strongly recommend it! Make SNU your support group! We got you through it all!"


"You are a PiP women god bless your energy!I can’t do wall sits yet but I’ve been doing sit to stand squats to make my quads and hs strings  stronger I used to have nice legs and it makes me angry to see how much they’ve atrophied so I am trying to build them back up I used to run the hospital floors 8 to 12 hours a day and then go dancing three nights a week after work for three hours and just before my stroke I was walking five miles a day during that time period I felt the best I ever felt in my life and I was happier and more relaxed my body does better with more activity than lessI love your videoed I’ve missed you! And haven’t seen one of these in a while u give me reasons to get back up in the mornin!! THANKS Joi xo, Ginny"

Walking Club
Family on couch from above


"Thank you so much for this. I love watching your videos and reading your posts. You always make me feel better you are such a force for good and so positive. I had a stroke in March and have gone through and am going through all the low times but today I’m feeling good and after watching this even a little Better for being who you are and sharing your light and positive message. I could listen to you all day!!"

Jai How

"OMG. Joi Towner This was a beautiful testimony. You have such a way with words. I can actively listen when you speak. I am so glad that I am able to know who you are. Especially at your best self. You are so welcoming and loving and non judging and have wonderful character. I know your husband and children adore you. I got through a lot of my struggles with you encouraging me. I appreciate you and love you."

Group of Friends


"You are so endorsed by Stroke TV Media! #stroketv"


"Sister your drive and perseverance motivates me.  Thanks."


"I just Love  your Spirit"

Marie H.

"Great job Joi !! You're such an inspiration to us all."


"You always make me happy,  
I love you so much!"


"Woman you are amazing!! As much as you do each day, you are a ppo major inspiration."


"You are fabulous".


"Thanks for inspiring me! You are a true warrior! You are my best inspiration!"


"So glad I found your videos."


"I love your positive. I’m brs thank you! Need them. I survived a ruptured brain aneurysm with caused a massive stroke. And has left me paralyzed on my left side!watching your positive videos help me smile!thank you!."


"You are my inspiration."


"Love it . Cuz u go girl!."


"I find positivity every time I see your smiling face.  I just want to know how you get up off the floor after doing this.  I'd have to stay there all day :D ."


"soo inspiring Jennifer Merry Christmas to you Joi Towner. I have had so much enjoyment watching your posts this year. You always make me smile." 


"You are a huge inspiration."


"Very motivating Jennifer You’re a big inspiration! Thank you sister! that breakfast looks yummy!."


"I have a very long ways to go before I start to try what you have shown possible in life with one arm and almost 2 legs."


"Never too much energy you’re like a shining light… I watch all your videos. You help me more than you know!."
Heart Shape Confetti


"OMG!  I discovered Joi Townes today Valentine’s Day.  You inspired me to try some new things. I never thought of light switches. You are far more rehabilitated than I.  But I know I’ll get there because I was on my way. I’ve had a medical setback because of sepsis and pneumonia. But I’m on my way to that stronger recovery.  Thanks for being there for us. My 5 year strokeversary is Tuesday.  You have given me renewed strength.  Thank you and may God bless you with infinite abundance." 


"You're really doing well. In fact,I find your workout sessions  inspiring and challenging for me to get up and go. I've already adopted you as my trainer/coach/ counselor though I can't keep up with your pace at the moment. But I like your high spirit and contagious smile/ disposition. Go girl. I'm sure you're gonna overcome it soon. Cheers. I can't even go half of what you're doing now."

Outdoor Training
House with Chimney


"You are my sister indeed and inspiration when I first saw you you were using a broom today I got out with my snow shovel did a little work today so that my wife could get into that driveway."


"When there's a will there's a way.  Bravo to you!  We can do anything if we don't give up.  Thank you for your inspiration!  It's marvelous to be independent again!   Thank you sweetheart.  I love how you have adapted doing everything with one hand.  Sometimes its difficult."

Image by Joshua Humpfer