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I'm all the 100% that I need to be:

100% me, free

100% human, indeed

100% love, I believe

100% trying my best , on any level I perceive

100% growing into my very best, because life puts me to the test.

100% doing my part to create change because it's necessary to release stress.

100% understanding because my life demands it.

100% flawed, because I'm human and all.

100% courageous, because I choose to be the bravest.

100% fun, because I choose happiness.

I'm 100% not what happened to me, because I'm invaluable and there can never be a percentage on my growth. Limitless!

Your 100% looks different from others because every 100% is not at the same level! 100 pennies have a different value than 100 dimes. Don't compare the value of your 100% to none.

Downplay not, YOUR 100%! It's valued at the highest regard because the effort you put in is all the 100% you'll ever need to evolve.....


100% acceptance!

100% true to you!


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